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kosher certificate India | kosher certificate in mumbai

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If you are looking for Export from India or want to supply your material within India to exporter, its better to have your product to be Kosher certified. Kosher certification on your products will increase their marketability because more and more people are concerned about what they put into their bodies and where their food comes from. Over $140 billion of Kosher certified products are consumed annually, and spending continues to rise like anything. Most Americans, Europeans’ and health conscious people eat some Kosher food every day. Survey shows a Kosher product will do better by 20% or more. In US more 40 % packed food is Kosher Certified.

Many time people ask why do so many foods require kosher supervision? Take a simple one may ask: shouldn’t cereals and potato chips be inherently kosher since they are not made from meat, fowl, fish, or insects or related to dairy item? The answer is that all ingredient units and sub-units in a food item must be kosher as well. Therefore, as an example, a cereal may be non-kosher because it contains a flavoring, which in turn contains civet, a flavor enhancer extracted from an African cat-like mammal which is not kosher. Potato chips can be non-kosher if the vegetable oil used in the fryer has been pasteurized and deodorized on equipment used for production of non-kosher food items. In fact, equipment used for hot production of non-kosher products may not be used for kosher production without kosherization (a hot purging procedure).

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